RSA's Preferred Referral Network

RSA with North West Referrals

We are delighted to announce that we have been asked to join RSA’s preferred referral network, so for existing and new customers will benefit from a discounted cost and more efficient claim process.

RSA are the largest insurer of cats and dogs in the UK and work with the veterinary community to help increase the number of insured pets. They are the underwriters of high street insurers such as Tesco BankArgosJohn Lewis and More Than; and have established a network of preferred referral veterinary practices which have a focus on value and price. Our referral arm of our practice, Northwest Referrals, allows us to take on pets from other veterinary practices – referred to us by their own vet. Because of our large on-site facilities, the care we can provide and the experience of vets on the referral team, we are able to offer referral treatment in orthopaedics, neurosurgery, dermatology, soft tissue surgery and imaging. As one of their preferred vets we are able to access RSA’s online claims tool to verify policy limits, submit claims online and process claims more efficiently.

The RSA’s referral network was established in response to growing concerns and customer complaints about the rising cost of pet insurance. Only one in four dogs and one in seven cats are insured in the UK and RSA wants to ensure that pet insurance remains affordable for the many, not just the few.

This network can be used by customers whose pets have a non-emergency referral and have the option of using one of the RSA’s referral vets. Customers now have the choice about where their pets are treated for non-emergency referrals – should a customer choose a partner from the Network RSA expects costs to be lower therefore allowing customer benefit to go further. This includes us, here at Northwest Referrals.

The aim of the RSA Referral Vet Network is to provide customers’ pets with the highest standards of veterinary treatment and care but with partners, like us, who are willing to control costs. This helps RSA manage claims inflation, but also maximise policy limits for customers. Their chosen practices are staffed by veterinary surgeons with postgraduate veterinary qualifications in their chosen disciplines.

Use of the network’s practices does not impact treatment protocols, methodology or approach – these are under the complete control of each referral veterinary surgeon based on clinical experience and competence.

For details about Northwest Referrals and the services we offer, please click here.

For further information please speak to your own vet and your insurance company.