Foggy Smith. 4y 11m Chihuahua- Anal Gland Sacculectomy

Patient: 4-year-old, neutered Chihuahua, was referred to northwest referrals with a history of recurring left anal gland infection. On clinical examination the surgeon noticed swelling of the left anal gland with scar tissue formation on the inside of the gland. Foggy had no other symptoms and was otherwise well.

Based upon our findings; and history from the referring veterinarian, a left sided anal gland sacculectomy was performed. This procedure translates to removal of the anal gland. The anal glands are the canines scent markers and although in normal circumstances are required for normal function, due to recurring infection it was the best option to remove the anal gland for this patient.

The surgeon used sub cutaneous, simple interrupted suture technique using 3/0 pds. Post-operative the patient had normal anal tone and function. 2 weeks post operatively the sutures where removed. We are pleased to say that the patient has made a full recovery.