Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

French bulldog in vets

What is BOAS?

BOAS; Brachycephallic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, refers to a group of conditions that affect the airway system of certain breeds of dogs. Brachycephalic dog breeds tend to have stenotic nares, elongated soft palates, tracheal hyperplasia and secondary effects such as collapse of the larynx. This combination of anatomical default are typically associated with BOAS in dogs.

Which breeds does BOAS affect?

Brachycephalic dogs have typical “short noses” are prone to this anatomical deficit. Breeds such the Pug, French Bulldog, Bulldogs and Shih Tzu are most commonly associated with BOAS. Other breeds with longer noses can also be affected however this is less common.

How do I know if my pet suffers from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome?

Typical signs and symptoms of BOAS surgery include; excessive noise when snoring, exercise intolerance and in more severe cases episodes of collapse. If your dog suffers from gagging, overheating during hot weather, excessive noise when snoring, exercise intolerance or even episodes of collapse then perhaps your pet needs surgical correction. Clinical examination from one of our vet’s will confirm any suspected BOAS case.

Can it be fixed with BOAS surgery?

Yes! Surgical intervention can reduce these symptoms dramatically, giving your pet a new lease of life. Here at Northwest Referrals, our team of Veterinary Surgeons can assess if your pet would benefit from boas surgery for dogs after a short consultation. We offer a fixed price inclusive of pre-operative bloods, peri-operative IV fluids and post operative checks.

How is BOAS in dogs fixed?

The main focus of treatment is unblocking the airways. Our veterinary surgeon will perform a resection of the soft palate (reducing the excessive soft palette skin that causes the loud snoring) and a Stenotic nare resection (widening of the nostrils improving air flow).

Please follow Bella below who has had this procedure at our practice.

Bella’s Journey

Bella presented at the clinic with tell tale signs of BOAS; excessive noisy breathing and exercise intolerance. The owners reported that when Bella was out in play she lost her energy and was very reluctant to play with litter mate Daisy despite only being 15 months old.

Following a full clinical examination with referral Vet Lisa, Bella was diagnosed with BOAS and the owners opted for surgical treatment. Bella was admitted to hospital early in the morning and spent the day with us. It is important that we do this to assess the recovery of BOAS patients due to inevitable post op swelling. Nurse Emma kept Bella comfortable throughout the day.

The surgery was a success and Bella recovered very well. The owners were happy that Bella went home the same day and were reassured with the post procedure care plans provided by Northwest Referrals.

Two days post operative the owners reported that the swelling around the soft palette had reduced and that the noisy snoring sounds Bella previously made were dramatically reduced. Bella is thrilled to be back home with littermate Daisy despite having to wear the dreaded cone of shame! This hasn’t stopped her from doing her normal routine; eating, drinking, sleeping and of course cuddles on the sofa!

Bella returned for her 7 day post operative check and to our expectation is recovering well. The owners were thrilled with the improvement of Bella’s symptoms and commented that they can “no longer hear her before they see her”. The owners are slowly increasing Bella’s play with litter mate making her normal routine only mildly disrupted and she is very happy with the wet food diet.

Ourselves and owners are thrilled to see Bella’s progress in only a short amount of time, making her road to recovery a short and successful one. If your pet is showing symptoms of BOAS like Bella seek advice from your veterinary surgeon.

Read more about BOAS here.

Points made by the client

“Bella is now getting a better night’s sleep and is waking up full of life whereas previously she had little energy in the morning particularly. She is showing an interest in everything, I feel like she is smelling for the first time. We cannot thank Lisa and Emma enough for all they have done for Bella, Anrich Vets & Northwest Referrals are a superb veterinary practise and we recommend to all”. Andrew & Julie Laithwaite.

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